The Startup Basecamp Booth
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The Startup Basecamp booth will be 1m wide with a counter, logo board and plug socket.

Note: Only selected startups who have confirmed their startup package are entitled to the below.

Each booth branding area for each startup will include:

  • The startup logo

  • The flag of the country where the startup is based

  • The industry of the startup

  • The stage of the startup

  • A short description of the startup

  • A QR code linking to the Startup's website

The information used for the booth branding is from the information provided by the startup. The information cannot be changed after submission.

Each startup is part of the showcase for ONE (1) day of the event.

A different set of startups showcase on each day of the event.

Startups cannot choose their booth location. This is assigned on a first come, first serve basis and based on the availability on the floor plan.

Further logistics details are shared with showcasing startups directly by e-mail.

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