Participating in the Investor Meetings
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Investor Meetings are 1-on-1 sessions with leading investors from the region, from pre-seed to early and growth stage funds.

Investors participate on a volunteer basis for the Investor Meetings and are asked to commit a minimum of 1 hour to host 1-on-1 sessions. Each session is 15 minutes long.

How do you get booked for meetings?

  • Participating startups will receive an e-mail from the Startup & Community team announcing that Investor Meetings are open for booking about 2 weeks before the event with the access link to do so

  • The Investor names and timings will be listed as slots for startups to book

  • Slots are on a first come, first served basis

  • You will receive an email with the logistics details of when and where to meet for the Investor Meetings at the event venue

Fill in this form so the Startup & Community team can review your profile and get in touch about your interest in participating:

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